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With 3 Movies At Hand - Manoj Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gayi Lottery .


Director Manoj Sharma who last directed Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gayi is on cloud 9. And why shouldn't he. The filmmaker is finally bearing the fruits of his labour. And bearing fruits and how! With 3 movies in hand and about 4 more in the offing, it wouldn't be wrong to say, Sharma Ji Ki Lottery Lag Gayi!
Starting off as the 8th assistant of Anil Sharma, Manoj later went onto become a film editor and eventually it was his interest in directing that got him videos with Venus and after about 70-80 odd videos, Manoj finally went onto direct a full length feature film with Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gayi! 
Talking about the response of the film, Manoj says, "I am glad the film was received well." May be it was the success of this film or the stars aligning perfectly. Soon after, Manoj got on board with the same producer, Mr Kamal Kishore Mishra for more three films naming, Khalli Bali, Bhootiyapa and Flat No. 420. Talking about the bond he shares with his producer Manoj says, "When you work in a film together its bound to be the case that you develop a strong bond with the people you work with. Both Kamalji and I enjoyed working together and he knew that I keep toying with many subjects for I am writer as well. I had these three subjects that I was sure about and when I presented these ideas to Mishraji he didn't take too long to get on board."
While Khalli Bali stars Madhoo of Roja fame and has already gone on floors, Bhootiyapa is scheduled to go on floors in November and stars Mithun Chakraborty. The other movies include Flat No. 420, an international crossover Phur Chidiya Udd and a big banner film that Manoj is relatively tight lipped about. 
Director Manoj Sharma also believes in content based cinema and feels the times for good story is here to stay! "Content based cinema is getting appreciated a lot. People are getting bored of run of the mill stuff. So while most of my films are comedy, they cater to different genres even at that. While one is a horror comedy, the other would be something else. The idea is, while I don't want to get bored writing these films, I certainly don't want my audience to get bored watching it," says Sharma enthusiastically. 
Well, the maker definitely has a strong plan in hand and is going in the right direction! Can't wait to watch his films.
With 3 Movies At Hand - Manoj Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gayi Lottery . With 3 Movies At Hand - Manoj Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gayi Lottery . Reviewed by Sushil Gangwar on May 31, 2019 Rating: 5
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