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Chitrashi Rawat on winning BCL: I tasted success last year and wanted it again!

Actor Chitrashi Rawat is ecstatic on winning BCL. In a candid chat, the actor talks about how it feels to lift the trophy!

How do you feel on winning BCL season 4?
Chitrashi- I am very ecstatic. I am really happy as we worked really hard and practised a lot and we were very serious about it. We wanted to win the trophy bat. Last year I was a part of Lucknow Nawabs and my team had won and that was my first BCL. So, I had tasted sweet victory before and I wanted that again this time for Delhi Dragons. And obviously to play for Delhi Dragons was very exciting because I had heard so much about how good their team is. It was finally amazing to be a part of Delhi Dragons. Also our owner Ashwini Sharma used to really takes care of all the players.
What contributed the most in the teams winning?
Chitrashi- I think our team's spirit played a very important role, also our coach was strategically very smart. He used to say that 'one game at a time' and that's how we kept at it actually. We used to focus on the match that we were playing and we never used to think about what happened yesterday or what will happen in the future? We used to encourage each other a lot.
Who were your favorite players and why?
Chitrashi- I liked Shiv, he was playing for the Bangalore team. He played really well. From our team, I think Rafi and Adesh were the best. I became their fan and I have never seen them play the way they played in this season. I am not saying this because they were from my team but they were genuinely very good. Among the girls in our team, Meenal played very well. There was another girl from the Bangalore team called Shweta, even she was amazing.

Why do you feel this year’s BCL was more special than previous seasons?
Chitrashi- I think BCL happened for the first time on MTV last year. It was very nice and this time it was nicer because MTV is the correct platform for formats like BCL. By the end, we all were working really hard. We would come from our shoots and then practice. There were a lot of injuries that happened during the practice as well. Half of our players were injured, even I was injured when I was playing and I know many others were also injured. After putting in so much of effort, we had an amazing audience that accepted us beautifully. That is when you know all your hard work has been paid off because otherwise, IPL was going on and with IPL going on, BCL worked, that is amazing!
Any controversies you experienced in this season?
Chitrashi- I didn't face any controversy and I think that was the best part. There was a fight for sure and the boys were fighting and a few fights happened with our team also. According to me, I didn't see any controversial stuff as I saw in the previous seasons. And since the time when it has come on MTV, there are fights happening amongst the players but it is mostly about the game. At the end, we all are from the same fraternity, we all are friends and nobody takes all this seriously. This time I think it was much cleaner and even if there were fights, by the end everything used to get sorted.

The concept of four has clicked do you agree?
Chitrashi- Absolutely, I definitely feel we gave good entertainment and good cricket and what else do you need? And here the audiences are the biggest testers and they have given us the results. They made this season a hit, which means we have done something right.

How would you sum up the whole experience?
Chitrashi- Oh! there is so much I want to say but I would say it was the most chilled out season. It was soo much fun because I come from a sports background so for me all these things matter. And this time, I saw that whether the teams lost or won, all of them were very good. Even though we won, I would admit that there were a few teams, with who we were competing, who were at par. 

-what is the best part of a tournament like BCL for you? Also, is there any part of the league that you would like to change?
Chitrashi- Not really, it is a platform given to all the television actors and film actors so that they can come together and play. Otherwise, we hardly get to see people from our own fraternity. Everyone is busy so when will you plan to go out and party? Everyone has their own particular group. For example, if you are doing a serial, then the co-stars become your group and you hang out with them only. But BCL is a platform where all the actors from the fraternity come together. It is like a big party happening for weeks, which is fun. At the same time, you are sharing so much more than the game because, in BCL, you become friends with people you don't know too. Sports binds different people which is amazing. Also, here girls get to play.
at BCL is as much about drama and controversies as it is about cricket. But do you feel that this is what makes BCL stand out?
Chitrashi- I think it is good in a way because in between there are a lot of things that keep happening. I think that it breaks the momentum of the game. But people like it and enjoy it, so there is no harm in it. And you feel relaxed when you go back, so it is fun. So that way, I feel it is a balance of both
Chitrashi Rawat on winning BCL: I tasted success last year and wanted it again! Chitrashi Rawat on winning BCL: I tasted success last year and wanted it again! Reviewed by Sushil Gangwar on May 30, 2019 Rating: 5
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