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Harrdy Sandhu's new single 'Kudiyan Lahore

*Harrdy Sandhu's new single 'Kudiyan Lahore Diyan' on Desi Melodies is the new groovy song which is all set to be in your loop list: Checkout the video now*

Desi Melodies is one of the most well-known and well-received Indian music labels today. Whenever a new song comes out, Desi Melodies has always made us go crazy with groovy beats and trendy tunes. Desi Melodies' new song featuring Harrdy Sandhu is definitely going to be stuck in our minds and is going to be in our party loop list for sure.

Recently, Harrdy Sandhu, released his new song 'Kudiyan Lahore Diyan’ under Desi Melodies music labels. Harrdy Sandhu, since the day stepped into the industry has never failed to impress us with his creative music. From the heart-touching emotional songs to the soft & pleasant romantic songs and groovy, addictive party songs Harrdy Sandhu's vast variety of music has disappointed none of us. His new song 'Kudiyan Lahore Diyan’ is as incredible as all his other songs. The song is directed by Arvindr Khaira features beautiful actress Aisha Sharma. The Music is composed by versatile B Praak and the song is written by renowned lyricist Jaani who is also co-owner of Desi Melodies with Arvind Khaira.

Desi Melodies released the official music video of 'Kudiyan Lahore Diyan' on their official YouTube channel. The music video has been a tremendous hit with fans showering it with immense love.

Within a few hours of its release, the music video has amassed over 3M views. The fans can't stop showering love on this fresh pair and on its trending beats.  The song is definitely going to be stuck in our minds because of its groovy beats and catchy tunes. The upbeat and rock music video vibes are gaining an enormous amount of praise. 'Kudiyan Lahore Diyan' is definitely going to be our new party track which will make all of us dance to its brilliant and and compelling beats.
Harrdy Sandhu's new single 'Kudiyan Lahore Harrdy Sandhu's new single 'Kudiyan Lahore Reviewed by Sushil Gangwar on March 31, 2022 Rating: 5
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