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ANUPAM SINKS launches "Anupam Water Saving Nozzle"

Anupam Retail Limited, Ushers it’s another eco-friendly & creative product “Anupam Water Saving Nozzle” which also supports the Prime Minister's “SAVE WATER” initiative.
Anupam Retail Ltd also addressed as ARL, is a name which built trust, over the years in the heart of consumers, due to its innovative ideas and quality. ARL explored and erected avenues, to premium sinks in India. Anupam is trending a new connotation to sink industry, with aesthetics and quality, to the peak of its workmanship. Not only limited to sinks, but the brand serves an array of spin-offs like faucets, floor drains, modular kitchen etc.  After participating in Mumbai Index Exhibition ARL Participated in Delhi Index exhibition.
After launching Successfully food waste disposal product- first time in India, contributing its bit towards green earth and extending its belief towards the idea of  “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”.Anupam is happy to announce their new Revolutionary product which  finds new ways for water conservation technology, through devices which save tons of water, because "every drop counts". "WATER “one of the most important elements of the earth has to be saved, in a maximum possible way by every individual, to make it available throughout the country. A cause towards national interest - can help draught affected areas, save farmers, animals and many millions of human beings. In this direction it is a small initiative, and a bit, which Anupam can contribute to kill the scarcity of water.  Anupam is a brand which has been serving, for the last 3 decades, and the reason behind millions of satisfied customers. Anupam, known for high-end Stainless Steel Sinks, Faucets, Drainers, and Food Waste Disposals & Granite Sinks, now unveils their revolutionary nature friendly product “Anupam Water Saving Nozzle”a water saving device, unbelievably in tons.
“Anupam –Water- Saving -Nozzle”: Multi Flow Technology is designed to keep you free from worries, even during water shortages and enables you to save water, literally saving tons of water every day. Unknowingly, we waste lots of water, merely for washing hands, shaving and brushing etc. On an average, if we wash our hands 10 times in a day, we waste 10-15 ltrs of water, which can be brought down by to just less than half a litre with the help of “Anupam Water Saving Nozzle”....isn't it amazing. Experience mist with their patent pending atomization technology.  Millions of water droplets, turned into wet mist, instantly drenching your hands and amazingly saving 95% water.  Anupam Retail Ltd brings this green technology, to every household putting closer to the mission “save water” and making you an Environmental friendly citizen.
Mr. Rajender Garg, a visionary and the honorable MD of ARL shared his thought process behind “Anupam –Water- Saving- Nozzle” and said that “There is a significant focus required in the area of water conservation, and by this gesture I believe, we contribute our bit through “Anupam Water Saving Nozzle” a green project. We are also supporting the efforts, of our honorable PM's "Save Water" program.  Unfortunately draught is the biggest curse, for our country which has to be tackled, by every citizen of India. I wish, we all would fight for this good cause, in our own ways, we have come up with the idea, and people would support I believe.
The young dynamic director -Aakriti Garg, who is adding value to ARL with her young and dynamic energy said " All the time we hear people  say that steps should be taken to conserve the environment, but its time we take an initiative and start ourselves. Anupam Water Saving Nozzle is one such active initiative to conserve water and environment not just for us but for our upcoming generations.”
The National Head - Sales Mr. P.R.Shankar, says “Anupam is today doing a positive growth in the market because of its high end quality, and unmatched designs. “Anupam Water Saving Nozzle”” is a significant contribution, towards earth’s biggest element “water” which is a growing problem with times, if wasted. This is a future product, and will become a necessity, over a period of time.  Our sales team would have something better, to offer to the consumers who are well aware, of the growing environmental challenges. We are happy, to be a part of this kind of reformation project, which is in the national interest.
The National Head (Marketing ) Mr Chandra Gupta, says Anupam Retail LTD. Has always been known for their out of the box products which always had a great benefit  to save our environment, “Anupam Water Saving Nozzle”is  a product with the benefit of water reduction. We are aiming a goal to contribute towards Save Water Initiative, apart from this we need to device strategies as per the market dynamics. We have no competition as our product’s design and quality keeps us miles ahead of others, but we keep bringing new ideas for our consumers therefore maintaining our high-end image. Our marketing approach for architects is being majorly focused, to further upkeep the brand Image in high end segment.”
About Anupam Sinks
Anupam Sinks is a part of Anupam retail Ltd., Head Office in New Delhi. It is one of India’s leading manufacturers of high quality kitchen sinks, marketed under the trademark of Anupam. They have widest range of stainless steel sinks. Apart from the same, the company is into floor drains, Food Waste Disposer, Kitchen Accessories, Modular kitchens, quartz kitchen sinks, Faucets, Utility Units, Mini kitchens, Bottom Grid, Chopping Board, Wire Basket, Liquid Soap Dispenser, Container, Stainless Steel Drain Board, Drain Pipe etc.
Anupam is the first to bring intellidrain technology to India. Intellidrain waste coupling separates the waste thus ensures a clog free performance of your sink. The company won several industrial awards and is ISI, ISO & CE certified. The company offers a basket of products wherein consumers can choose any size and designs according to their need. The contemporary looks keep the product to match today’s lifestyle and beyond.

ANUPAM SINKS launches "Anupam Water Saving Nozzle" ANUPAM SINKS launches "Anupam Water Saving Nozzle" Reviewed by Sushil Gangwar on August 06, 2019 Rating: 5
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