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Vivan Bhathena’s most recent metamorphosis is of this dashing dude with platinum pompadour and short sides hair-cut, in casual shorts and vest - a dapper and very ‘now’ look. Yet put him into a business suit and the he slicks back his hair and vavoom he transforms into a staid but very stylish businessman. 

Vivan has been changing his looks and his body since his first music video as the chocolate faced college kid in Falguni Pathak’s super hit ‘Maine Payal Hai Chankayi' to his more recent villainous roles in Dangal, Judwa 2, Hate Story 4 and now as he beefs up for his upcoming role as Hanuman in Kunal Kohli’s adaptation of the epic Ramayana - Ramyug.

Refreshingly unafraid of dramatic changes in his looks Vivan believes he must not just act the part but look it too. He works hard at his characterisation and is undoubtedly an extremely talent actor. Vivan has always searched for roles that challenge and excite him which is why he has always jumped at the opportunity to play the villan. He feels that “the villain has more shades to his character which can be fun to interpret.” Each of the negative roles he has played have been very different be it the urban, suave, devilish rake in Hero or the earthy desi boxer in Dangal or the comic villain In his super-hit Telegu film Raja. Putting on or losing 10 kilos, going platinum blonde or unruly red, wearing a three piece or going bare chested Vivan uninhibitedly woos the camera. Working hard on the characterisation and the look Vivan makes certain he gives his very best to his roles. The more complex the character the more he enjoys preparing and 
playing the role. Which could be the reason Vivan is so excited about playing a positive role, for the first time, in Ramyug and what could be more positive than portraying Lord Hanuman

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