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New year, new beginnings!

Spiritual healer Amiben Modi says that New Year is a great time to introspect and restart your life. “Just like every new day gives us an opportunity to start fresh, the new calendar year also gives us an opportunity to refresh life’s goals, be it fitness, work, family, travel or lifestyle upgrade. We can safely close the door on the past year and set fresh goals for the coming year,” she says. 
The healer says that the day is very significant for everyone. “The Hindu calendar marks the new year on Diwali but the date change from 2019-2020 is also crucial. It’s important to set new goals, aim higher and create the most beautiful vision for how you want your coming year to go,” she says. 
She adds, “Spiritually, I’ll say one thing; do not restrict your thoughts, let them flow freely and pray daily to any god of your choice. Two minutes of morning prayer will go a very long way. It will give you an invisible backing and morale boost!”
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