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Om Peek –a- Boo Institute for Pre School Education organizing its concert 2018" Community Helpers"

"Spearheaded by Sangini Lalwani, Darshini Shah & Deepali Shah.

The Lil Cubs unfolded a wave of music with dance, acts and edutainment 

Guest of Honor: Renowned Chef Varun Inamdar, Singer Mohit Lalwani,Comedian and host Umesh Pherwani Dabbawalas of mumbai city and many more...

PEEK-A-BOO (club for cubs)presented  a unique Bonanza with Concert 2018 “CommunityHelpers”

We at PEEK-A-BOO CLUB are an organization running a Pre- school activity club (1yrs.- 4yrs.) as well as a Creative Arts Club (2yrs.-12yrs.).
Under our Pre-school activity club we conduct various activities like Moms & Cubs club (1-2yrs.), Play Group (2-3yrs.) & Nursery (3-4yrs.) & under our creative arts club we undertake various specialized workshops like Phonics, Grammar, Arts & Crafts,  Elocution & Drama, , Rhythm your toes (dance), Evs,(Tell me why) ,EME (English Made Easy) Abacus
for children of age group (1 to 12yrs.) All such workshops are handled by professional and trained teachers who are dedicated and committed towards early childhood development of the children.

This Institution has carved a niche for itself in the field of education and overall development of children. The Management and teachers have constantly striven towards excellence in every field be it academics, co-curricular activities or extra-curricular activities. 

We at PEEK-A-BOO presented Concert 2018 "Our helping hands-Community helpers" We explored various aspects and characteristics of our community helpers and their tools describing about their role and activities , their attributes and importance  in the society. Our creative team had a session on significance of community helpers  and their importance to human's such as the postman, plumber, carpenter, doctor, soldier, fireman, pilot, sailor etc.

Guest List:
Since the theme was community helpers peek a boo invited their guest accordingly .there were known names who have contributed in a big way to the society. Chef Varun Inamdar truly enjoyed the show and spread his aura of exclusive cooking amongst all. Indian idol singer Mohit Lalwani cheered the crowd by singing some hit tracks !..there were loads of interactive and educative shows along with audio visual presentation Mr. Yogesh Powar from the dabbawalas of Mumbai also danced with the kids in the dabbawalas sequence , showcasing thier role in our society.

The show was hosted by celebrity anchor and stand up comedian Mr. Umesh Pherwani who was dressed in a merchant navy costume and guided the lil kids throughout the show.

Our guest truly enjoyed the show they interacted with kids and inspired them with their words of wisdom....the show ended by a motivating speech for the students by Philanthropist Aneel Murarka who has contributed his entire life to service to mankind and promoting education.

Colour, light, music and magic, those were the ingredients of Peek-a-boo’s community helpers carnival!  Add to that dressed dancers, with exotic costumes, kids swaying and moving, themselves enchanted, and swirled unfolding fantasies. The sequences were rolled by mesmerized the audience and gave a unique theme, and a message about their contribution to the world. The stresses of daily life have so increased, that a time to let go, to let down your hair and just have fun, was sorely needed.  Community helpers Carnival  exuded a sense of comaradie amongst people, and the walls we build around us, were broken in the first moment of music and dance.  It was coming together of people. We were surrounded in an explosive, expansive galaxy with a new ray of light and hope for the next 10 years to come as we stepped into and captured the spirit of the magnificient fiesta!

Peek-a-boo created a mind boggling show- A day at Peek a boo educated tiny tots about the various helpers and about valuing their roles and spreading the awareness of sharing and caring through drama songs and acts to convey the message of' importance of community helpers in a very child friendly manner. Concert 2018 consisted an Array of Community Helpers and the tasks they do where toddlers enacted to the various professions depicting each expression and its feelings, the stage unfolded various moods and created a magical energy.
"Community Helpers" was a very unique concept which was an amalgamation of art,beauty and creativity.
The show was displayed through music & movement & had choreographed Dances, Acts, plays as well as special Entertaining programs for children handled by professional event managers. It was witnessed by a huge spectrum of individuals from Principals, parents, well wishers and children. 

Its was an enriching experience for our lil cubs in these formative years of their life as they explored these heroes and their importance in our daily life.

The kids from Ngos Aseema and Satya Say Bavikas truly enjoyed the show.
Om Peek –a- Boo Institute for Pre School Education organizing its concert 2018" Community Helpers" Om Peek –a- Boo Institute for Pre School Education organizing its concert 2018" Community Helpers" Reviewed by Sushil Gangwar on March 09, 2018 Rating: 5
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