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Spearheaded by Anubhav Jain, Anuroop Jain & Nidhi Nitya
Mentor & Grooming experts-  Diandra Soares
Show Director & Choreographer- Shakir Shaikh
Supermodel & Fitness expert- Sucheta Harrison & James  Harrison
Jury- Harrison from MFT , Designer Preeti Jain, Designer Remanika, Diandra Soares , Nayan Chaudhary. 
20 contestants of the much awaited Miss Faesina 2018 For The New Era, walking in Remanika
The event saw the presence of aziz zee 

"Miss Faesina 2018 For The New Era, grooms young females for success" says Anubhav Jain. Ladies from 20 cities will be trained under the best of fashion gurus to brush up their confidence, mannerism & encourage them to get out of their comfort zone, be themselves, and continue to define what it means to be "Confidently Beautiful"- Miss Faesina 2018 For The New Era

Miss Faesina 2018 For The New Era  is a platform of inspiration, learning and stardom for a common girl. The pageant celebrates the confidence, zeal & the inner beauty and talent as much as the physical appearance of any contestant, and hence it will be instrumental in setting standards for evaluating and expressing dreams & aspirations of every girl who wishes to pave a path in the world of glamour . It is an effort to bring together the best talents of India on a single platform.  Miss Faesina 2018 For The New Era  aims to provide the tools which help women to be their personal best. 

Anubhav Jain says "Research has shown the number one obstacle for women to overcome in reaching their potential in any endeavor is a lack of self-confidence. In doing so our contestants have the opportunity to grow as women and be confident in any goal they choose to pursue"

Anuroop Jain says Miss Faesina 2018 For The New Era is beauty with a purpose. A national platform for all those aspire to dream big & want to fulfill them" 

Nidhi Nitya says A confident woman has the power to make real change, starting in her local community with the potential to reach a global audience. We encourage every woman to get out of her comfort zone, be herself, and continue to define what it means to be" 

ABOUT  MISS FAESINA 2018 FOR THE NEW ERA -  Miss Faesina 2018 For The New Era is a National Beauty Pageant wherein there will be representatives from all states of India and these representatives/participants will compete among themselves to become “ Miss Faesina 2018 For The New Era. Traditionally beauty pageants are focused on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants. Although some of them have evolved to incorporate personality traits, Intelligence, talent, and answers to judges’ questions as judged criteria, FAESINA has come out with a different concept to promote beauty pageant in India, the idea is to promote the INCREDIBLE FASHION OF INDIA. With all glamour and trends, this project is going to connect the conventional trends of India which connects young ladies with the culture. Competition will be there in 24 cities across India to select MISS INDIA.
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